Fully Insured and Bonded Pet Sitter / Dog Walker

To protect our customers, Rock Solid Pet Sitting is fully insured and bonded.

There are a lot of differences between our services as professional pet sitter, and those of a helpful neighbor or kid next door. One of the biggest differences is the understanding that unforeseen events can happen, and taking a proactive approach. In fact, it’s the same reason we require pet first aid and CPR training for our entire staff. As professionals, we do our best every day, but the most competent professionals also prepare for the worst.

If you are going to have someone take care of your pets, please make sure they’re insured. This protects them, but it also protects you as well. Here are some eye opening details of our insurance policy.

$1,000,000 Each Occurrence
$2,000,000 General Aggregate
$1,000,000 Personal and Advertising Injury
Administered by: RPS Scobie Group, Eau Claire, WI.
Underwritten by: Evanston Insurance Company

At first glance, that sounds a little crazy, right? It may at first, but let me give you just a few examples of how things can go wrong and become very costly, very fast. Let me give you a few real world examples.

Let’s say you hire the kid next door to take care of your dog while you’re out of town. He opens the door, and your dog runs outside toward a neighbor who is walking their dog. The neighbor gets between the two dogs, and gets bitten on the hand. In the end, that could cost well over $50,000, right out of your pocket. Is hand surgery really that expensive? Let’s say he only gets a small bite, and the figure is closer to $5,000, on the really low end. That’s still a hefty price to pay.

Let’s say you hire a kid next door to feed your cat while you’re gone. What could go wrong? You name it, and it could happen. Clogged toilet? Water damage in the thousands? Who pays? You would.

Let’s say an uninsured sitter needs to clean up a mess. Not only are they uninsured, but it follows that they’re probably also inexperienced. In the process, they use a chemical on your carpet or tile that damages it. Cost? Unknown, but not cheap.

As you can see, insurance is extremely important. Accidents and mistakes happen. If someone is caring for your pets and they are uninsured, this now exposes you to additional risk you may not have even thought about, giving you even more things to worry about while you’re gone. We protect you from that liability, so you no longer have to worry.

We provide proof of insurance during our Risk-Free Consultation.